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We at VT Public school emphasis on alround growth of our students. We demonstrate our commitment to each student's social, physical and emotional growth through our Life Skills program. We inspire our students to become good public speakers and self-advocates, to have healthy bodies and body image, and to be empathic, effective communicators. We have developed a social and emotional support system that adapts to our students needs. Following are the list of activities performed at VTPS:

Art & Craft

The creativity of students is provided an outlet under the supervision of learned art and craft teachers .Art and craft learning center shall train the students in drawing  , painting ,clay modeling , script writing , flower making , gift wrapping etc.

Personality Development 

This scientific wing shall develop in students – Self discipline, Positive thinking, Manners and etiquette and Public speaking.

Educational Tours and Excursions

Educational tours and excursions are conducted class wise to supplement what they have learnt. It could be a visit to a museum, places of historical, cultural, scientific and economic interest. Excursions to parks – picnic spots are also organized. Such trips enhance the child’s confidence and communicative skill.

Parent Teachers Nexus 

Regular PTM’s to discuss the academic and general progress of the student are arranged. Parents are made aware of the strengths and shortcomings of the students and positive suggestions are offered on how to improve the overall performance. Such meetings assure a channel of communication between the child .its teacher and the parents which is vital for the process of growing up in their formative years fruitfully. 

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